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May, 2014

Understanding Shopify – What is Shopify?

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Shopify is an ecommerce software or tool or platform, that allows you to create your ecommerce website with lots of features. Its a complete out of the box ecommerce solution that allows you to add unlimited products, several payment gateways, shipping systems, unlimited bandwidth and a very easy to use admin section from where you can handle your site easily.

Most of the time, people struggle with this problem that which ecommerce platform is best for their site. To understand this, try to defragment the question. Check your ecommerce platform in terms of features, pricing and usability. Shopify has  a lot of features which were added time to time in the package to enhance the user experience. Shopify hvnt done this in a day, its a 10 year old company so you can easily trust them that they did lot of hard work in giving you the best ecommerce software.

Shopify itself started by its owner in search of a good ecommerce platform, and when he was not able to find a ecommerce platform fitting all his needs, then he thought to create his own platform, and this is how Shopify was introduced.

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